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Welcome to the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership Web Site

This site offers useful information to anyone interested in Nose Creek watershed.

Residents will find information regarding its health and municipal efforts to improve and protect Nose Creek health.

Developers and Municipal Planners will find recommendations regarding setbacks, stormwater management etc. for consideration when working with plans.

If you do not find the information you hoped to find, contact one of the NCWP partners with further inquiries.

The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership (NCWP)

1 (19)Albertans live with some of the cleanest water resources in the world. Maintaining and improving these abundant natural resources requires vigilant efforts by all Albertans within their local watersheds.

The Nose Creek Watershed came under increasing pressure as agriculture and urban development in surrounding areas intensified. Because political boundaries do not follow watershed boundaries, inter-municipal cooperation becomes essential for the long-term protection and enhancement of the watershed. NCWP asserts that taking responsible action today will help prevent serious problems in the future.

The goal of the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership is:

“To protect the riparian areas and improve water quality in the Nose Creek watershed.”

NCWP partners commit to rise above unique obstacles affecting water quality and conservation and work together to achieve important objectives.

Our improvement strategy involves: learning about the quality of water throughout the watershed, identifying sources of contamination and initiating clean-up efforts and stewardship measures with all stakeholders, including individuals and community groups residing within the watershed.