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If you work in the planning department of a municipality, we want you to have the information you need to help us protect Nose Creek and West Nose Creek from the affects of all types of development in the watershed. These creeks are home to fish, waterfowl and diverse lifeforms from plants to mammals. Clean water in the Nose Creek watershed benefits all the life it supports and adds value to lives, lands and communities.

On the Partners page, you will find contact information for the specific municipality relevant to your plan.

Nose Creek Watershed Management Plan

Visit the WM Plan page to read or download the complete plan

Planners Checklist

For a quick and planning relevant cheat sheet, download the file below

Planners Checklist – This PDF offers planners a quick reference guide to specific recommendations in the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan that relate to area structure and development plans. Page one offers a simple map and a little background. Page 2 offers a little more detail. We want you to print it and post it where it will remind you to consider Nose Creek when you work with these types of plans. Text only checklist

Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets developed for use by municipalities, developers and residents of the watershed can help them understand how the recommendations of the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan can be followed in an easy-to-read document. Find these on the WM Plan page.