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Are you interested in helping to restore Nose Creek but don’t know where to start? Contact the appropriate NCWP partner to provide ideas, educational materials, demonstrations and help with event planning. To decide which NCWP partner to contact, visit the NCWP Partners page.

Many organizations generously supported projects in the Nose Creek Watershed. These organizations made it possible for NCWP to protect and restore Nose Creek by encouraging municipalities and developers to include creek protection measures in planning processes.

NCWP also encourages other residents of the basin to contribute to on-the-ground activities that benefit the watershed. NCWP partners often assist bank stabilization projects, tree plantings, clean-up events and educational demonstrations about the creek and its associated riparian area.

Past Projects

Water MonitoringWater Monitoring

The NCWP and Trout Unlimited Canada (as part of the Nose Creek Rehabilitation Project) initiated a basin-wide, long term water monitoring program. The program monitors parameters recommended by the Bow Basin Watershed Management Plan – Phase One: Water Quality.  By measuring changes in this data, the Partnership will have the information to gauge if rehabilitation efforts improve the water quality in Nose Creek.


Nose CreekRiparian Health Monitoring

Riparian Monitoring began in 2000 with a basin-wide monitoring program.  Results show that the basin is predominantly healthy, but with problems.  These problems include bare ground (erosion), invasive weeds and non-native grasses.  The NCWP uses riparian monitoring and health assessments to target restoration opportunities and to work with landowners on agricultural best management practices.


Fisheries Monitoringfish monitor

In 2010, Trout Unlimited Canada biologists completed a preliminary sampling effort and found that sport fish, previously thought to have disappeared from Nose Creek, were in fact, living in small pockets of higher quality habitat in the creek.  Ongoing monitoring to assess the distribution of sport fish (brown trout) will indicate whether the creek’s potential for trout habitat improves.

Erosion Monitoring

The NCWP and The City of Calgary developed a basin-wide Erosion Monitoring Program.   Monitoring strategic sites in the watershed will aid the Partnership in determining if storm water management targets are effective in controlling erosion in the basin.

Group members maintaining Nose Creek

Nose Creek Rehabilitation Project

This project was partnership between Trout Unlimited Canada and NCWP. It focused mainly on stewardship activities in the watershed such as clean up events, bio-engineering projects and educational presentations about the creek and its riparian area. Projects like this involve individuals, community groups and local businesses to get their hands dirty and participate in making the Nose Creek Watershed a more natural, healthy ecosystem.


Alberta Low Impact Development PartnershipLID[1]

The NCWP is a member of the ALIDP that educates developers and residents on the benefits and techniques of Low Impact Development practices. For more information on Low Impact Development in Alberta,  visit the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership website.


A library of past research, planning documents and other materials pertaining to the Nose Creek Watershed and the development of the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan has been compiled to provide municipalities, stakeholders, and researchers a sound source of background information about Nose Creek to aid in development of future projects.